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Boxing gyms and Martial Arts dojos can be intimidating places for the inexperienced beginner; especially a child. When the average person walks into a boxing gym they have no idea of what to do. In most gyms you go in pay your fee and workout doing whatever you know how to do. You may somehow get a few minutes with a trainer but since there are so many others needing help you can get lost in the gym. Nobody shows you how to wrap your hands, how to stand, offense,how to punch, defense, proper footwork , weight training, and all the many things it takes to embark on a journey in boxing. Boxing is a contact sport that requires serious concentration and is not easy to learn and much harder than it looks on television.








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Private Sessions

My concept is a bit different from most boxing gyms. I train  anyone young and old, amateur or professional. I also train  people privately in the fine art of pugilism (boxing). My method really speeds up the learning process (just like a private tutor in school does) and allows you to learn in a relaxed private setting where respect and peace are enforced and you can learn at your own pace. No bully or macho situations or being forced to fight when you aren't ready. It's just you and I learning the fastest way possible.


All private sessions are ( 1) one hour in duration. All sessions are completely private. Parents can stay with their children and spouses can remain but no other outside people are allowed. The privacy allows clients get the most from their training without distractions. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON ANY PREPAID SESSIONS, BOXING GEAR OR MEMBERSHIPS. Make up sessions are available for any pre-paid sessions on weekends unless space is available during the week. There is no additional charge for make up sessions. Private Sessions must be booked 24 hours in advance as sessions fill quickly and space is limited. THERE IS A $5 NO CALL/NO SHOW FEE ASSESSED. Children under the age of 18 years old must have parental consent and a signed waiver. Parents can attend the sessions to monitor their child's progress. Ask about our weekly & monthly pre-paid special rates for members. I cater to all your boxing,fitness or self defense needs in a private setting.

              Cardio/CrossFit Boxing Sessions

                   CROSSFIT BOXING

This high impact boxing fitness program uses the boxer's workout combined with a military bootcamp regiment to get you in great shape in no time without getting in the ring or getting hurt. You can experience the thrill and rush of boxing without the physical pain of getting hit. Classes are aimed at weight loss/management including fat burning and dietary advice. Great results while having fun in a relaxed setting. A fun way to lose weight and relieve stress also.


          Amateur & Professional Boxing Lessons


 Are you interested in learning how to box? Do you want to begin a career in boxing? Are you training in a Mixed Martial Art and want to learn how to strike effectively? Is your child being bullied in school? Some kids box to keep them out of fights.  Our private 1 on 1 boxing lessons cover heavy bag, speed bag, double end bag, slip bag, footwork, strength & conditioning drills, punch mitts, ring work ,sparring, licensing, tournaments, passbook entries, health and nutrition. Everything necessary to prepare a person for a match in a private setting without any distractions taking away from your training. Totally private sessions for people that like to train privately or learn the techniques faster.                                             

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(810) 969-0390


               Advanced Punch Mitt Sessions

Advanced Punch Mitts


Great for beginners, amateurs, pros, Mixed Martial Artists, and anyone wanting to learn effective championship caliper boxing offensive and defensive skills . Learn advanced technical mitt work from Coach Rick "The Mitt - Master".This advanced skill is used by World Class Championship trainers such as Roger Mayweather ( head trainer of Floyd Mayweather and the winning Money Mayweather team ), Freddie Roach ( head trainer of Manny Pacquiao and the winning Wildcard team ) Coach Rick Coward "The Mittologist" ( trainer to the trainers ) and the " Kronk Sugarman "; the force behind the Detroit Kronk boxing team success. These methods aren't available at your local gym. Most boxing trainers do not have the technical know-how to teach this form of mitt work. It specializes in intricate combinations, muscle memory sequences and automatic defense techniques to focus on dominating your opponent in the same manner that world champions like Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward. 


              The  "Urban Street Survival System"



Private Reality - Based safety training to survive in any urban situation with/without a weapon. The "Urban Street Survival System" has been tested in military combat and is one of the most practical, and effective fighting systems in the world based on my own military experience and other men who served with me in Army Ranger & Airborne Special Operations and in Prison. The "Urban Street Survival System" is designed to effectively end a threat in the fastest , most  efficient way possible. The "Urban Street Survival System"  turns YOU INTO THE WEAPON. Effective for all ages regardless of physical abilities,size,strength, or gender. This is Real Military Wartime Self Defense & Counter Offense lessons , NOT Martial Arts for fun or competition. Learn to Destroy a threat in seconds.


1. Situational Awareness & Avoidance: How to avoid dangerous situations and becoming acutely aware of your surroundings at all times. Includes breathing techniques , preparing for an attack, attacks from behind, distance, momentum, balance, attacks in small spaces.

2. The Essentials of Striking : The basic head and leg strikes necessary to stop any threat. Covering how to effectively use strikes such as Edge of Hand , Palm Hand , Shin Scrape and other essential hand/foot strikes to disable/end a threat regardless of size or strength. 

3. Advanced Striking Techniques : Covering advanced strikes such as reinforced elbow jabs, gouging, bites , web - hand strikes , hammer fists, knuckle punches, and more .

4. Ground Fighting : Covers fighting from a ground position, escaping from chokes and holds , ground kicks , recovery techniques to get you off the ground fast that work.

5. Weapons Techniques : Weapons are covered including guns,knives, bats and other blunt instruments, improvised weapons, knife disarm, bat disarm, gun disarming techniques . 

6. Fighting Against Multiple Attackers :  fighting multiple attackers , being attacked from different directions at once , fighting larger , intoxicated, drugged , or crazy attackers . 

7. Self Defense & The Law : Your rights to protect yourself are covered including Self Defense vs Assault,
defense of property , Stand Your Ground vs Retreat Law, pre-emptive defense, defense of others , justifiable homicide , citizens - arrest and the law.   

The "Urban Street Survival System" has no belt ranking system,"gi" or "katas" or "pretty spinning kicks". It is not to be confused with Martial Arts or Mixed Martial Arts . The "Urban Street Survival System" doesn't have rules because the streets Do Not have rules. I teach you how to protect yourself in a very violent world. Learn the 7 Combat Techniques of the "Urban Street Survival System" to survive in the streets. If you want peace , prepare for war.

Flint, Mi. 48504
(810) 969-0390

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